"I just had a private lesson with Jennifer Barretta this past week. Your video is a perfect demonstration application of the theories & techniques she taught me. A home run, no doubt"

About Sharivari


When I was a young kid playing pool was always something special for me. I went to the local pool hall with my Dad and we played for hours. Unfortunately while getting older, I lost the fascination for the game a little bit and played only every few months - until it became even only once a year. I regret that every day, because if you want to become really successful in something, you have to train hard from an early age.


Everything changed at the age of 23 when I heard that there are actually clubs where you can play with other players than your Dad. I got curious and decided to join. At that time I was more than a rookie. I only knew the game of 8 ball and had heard a little bit about stop, follow and draw shots. Turns out joining that club was the best decision I ever made. From that day on pool got me again and never let go.


I started to learn more and more about the game and realized how complex and beautiful it really is. It's so much more than just hitting balls and watching them flying all over the table. Six years have elapsed since then. I now work as a software engineer, part-time as a lecturer and part-part-time as a designer. On my youtube channel I combine these abilities to communicate my knowledge about pool that I gained over the years.

"Thanks a lot! I am really grateful. You really changed my game! I was impressed how much the 'single point' target improved my game. And I have been surprised about my cue ball control! I asked my brain to do accurate positioning... and it happened all night long."

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Pool Training

Other than in the Pool Lessons this playlist puts together all the single lessons in one big video. It's a perfect way to repeat and intensify the taught aspects.

Pool Lessons

Videos of this playlist pay attention to single aspects of the game. The videos are usally a little bit shorter, but contain very useful information.

Pool Tips

This series offers just some short but very useful tips that do not need to be trained. Just follow these tips and your game will start to improve.

Pool Drills

Something that you have learned has to be practiced until you can do it automatically. This playlists offers some useful drills that will improve certain parts of your game.

Awkward Pool Shots

From time to time you get into some tough situations where only a Efren shot can rescue you. I will show you these kind of shots and how to execute them.

Mental Game

Pool is not only about hitting balls. If you reach a certain skill level, your mind will play a huge role in winning or losing a match. This playlist deals with this huge topic.

"The video was great. All of your talking was filled will great information. Please keep making these videos! There aren't a lot of pool videos with good information available like your channel. Thanks so much for what you do."

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"I have to say this is the best pool training video ever man. Explains absolutely everything about the shot the easy way and lot of people can actually understand the physics behind it. Great job on these videos man and great graphics too."