30 Secret Videos & Pool Drills (Vol. II)

If you’re interested in engaging pool lessons and various drills, this package is a good choice. If you also want to learn about the mental game, and listen to commentary and analysis on my own matches – you are going to love it!

A lot of work and dedication went into creating this package. I am proud to say, that these videos don’t lack any quality compared to my YouTube videos.

“I like your teaching. My game is improving just because of your videos.”

Pool Lessons

Video Lessons

Aiming, Cue Ball Control, Fundamentals, Kicking, Position Play
Cue Ball Control

Pool Drills

Basic & Innovative Drills, Fundamentals, Cue Ball Control, Common Shots, Safety Play, Side Spin
Practice Games

Matches & Practice

9-Ball Matches, Match Analysis, Kick Shot Match, Tournament Preparation, Cue Ball Control, Snooker Practice
Mental Game

Mental Game

Closing out Matches, Consistent Shotmaking, Overcoming Fear, Power of Breathing, Winning under Pressure, Being Your Best Self

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“I love watching you compete.”