30 Secret Pool Video Lessons & Drills

Did you know that I am not only producing pool video lessons for my YouTube channel? This package contains 30 secret pool videos, covering everything from various pool drills, to gameplay demonstrations and mental guidance. If you are already a fan of my YouTube videos, you are also going to love these top 30 Secret Videos & Drills!

“The Tangent Line drill was an eye opener.”

Cue Ball Control

Pool Drills

Cue Ball Control, Kiss Shot, Angle Management, Tangent Line & Stun Shots, Money Ball, Center Table, Beginner Drills Videos
Mental Game

Mental Game

Anger & Frustration, Cut Off Your Thoughts, Execution Is Everything, How to Mentally Prepare for Tournaments, The Will to Win
Practice Games

Training Games

Cue Ball Control Challenge, Defensive Ghost, Kick Shot Practice Videos
Practice Games

Sharivari Practice

8-Ball, 9-Ball, Frozen Rail Shots, Snooker, Straight Pool Videos

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“My favorite one was you practicing the frozen rail shots. Good to see you’re human!”