They do not expect me to play at this level – but now I do.


Last August I did 11 hours lessons with Sharivari over a 4 days stay. Lessons were usually in the morning; then I had time to do exercises and practice alone, and later play some games against him or local players.

The most important thing is that Shari has been teaching me starting from where I ACTUALLY WAS and taking care of changing the minimum to get the maximal result. I never felt like he was teaching me ‘standard stuff’ or ‘textbook technique’. Everything was focused on making me a better player. He asked me what was my goal, and what I was willing to improve more.

I have been extremely satisfied with his work. And I feel it has been the right thing to do in order to advance my game, which has been stagnant for like 6 months. Now, after three weeks of training I feel my game has improved significantly and I can see it in the face of my opponents. They do not expect me to play at this level – but now I do.

He has the ability to answer every question that I have.


I have done about 10 training sessions with Sharivari. AMAZING! These training sessions have been conducted via video on my cellphone which is placed on a ladder and selfie stick at the end of my table. There is almost no difference between being with Sharivari in person, versus on video.

He’s made changes in my stance, stroke and pre-shot-routine. We worked on my ability to read the table and how I decide to play each shot. He has the ability to answer every question that I have about stroke, English, position, mindset, (the list is endless).

Finally, having a coach or teacher with his ability to teach and communicate is invaluable if you want to get better more quickly. If you want to hit 10 million balls in order to get better, okay. But if you want to hit 500,000 and be even more advanced, you need pool coaching. I want to be the best I can be in the shortest amount of time, and that is what Sharivari is helping me with. HIGLY RECOMMENDED!!!

“Excellent coach with exceptional communication skills!”


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