Media Appearances

Being recognized for my work in the pool world through media appearances is truly thrilling, and it motivates me to continue making a positive impact on the community. With every opportunity to share my knowledge and passion, I feel more inspired and committed to helping others develop their skills and love for the sport. I’m grateful for the recognition and support, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for the pool world and my role within it. Have a look at my most notable media appearances below.

“He has probably created one of the best free teaching channels on YouTube.” ~ Ralf Souquet


The Pool Whisperers

This article in Billiards Digest features me, Dr. Dave, and Lil’ Chris and our work on YouTube. The article highlights our individual stories and our impact on the community. It was a real honor for me to be on the cover.


The Biggest Influencers in Pool

I was honored to receive an award for being among the top 15 most influential people in the pool industry. In the previous year, I ranked #11, and in 2022, I climbed even higher to #9. It’s a real privilege to be recognized for my contributions to the game.


The Online Pool Coaching Extraordinaire

This article was the first time I received major recognition. It highlights my journey and explains why my videos have gotten so successful. It was my first big recognition as an online pool coach – and I even made it to the main page.


The Sharivari Story

Perfectly timed with reaching over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, this article was published on AZBilliards. It highlights my journey in becoming one of the most known online pool coach and what it takes to turn this passion into a successful business.

“We actually fell in love with what André is doing.”
~ Masato Hiraoka, President of KAMUI